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Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Cleaning Tips


Kitchens are where the real magic happens in your home. It’s summer time, family get togethers, kids out of school you will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So let’s talk what it takes to keep a kitchen nice and clean.

1.Always Use Gloves! Safety  first, you won’t be much use in the kitchen if your hands don’t work.

2.Clean as you you go! The worst thing to do in a kitchen is allow build up, a simple clean as you go method will go a long way in sustaining the life of pots and pans, deep grease stains, and other grime that requires major elbow grease.

3.Check your crevices! critters are the worst, and where they usually come from the cracks right in between your stove and fridge. Try lining that area with paper towels and throwing them away frequently. You’ll be surprise what it will catch and avoid future back problems when you try to move that fridge. Yea I’m talking about you 💪🏿.

4.Baking Soda! It works magic on backsplashes and white counter tops. We could do a whole list on use for baking soda.

5.Soak your Vent Hood! A quick easy clean, soak your vent hoods over night in dish soap. Wake up, rinse. You’re good to go.

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